Residential and commercial property owners who own automated gates have different reasons why they choose to install one for their facility, but one common reason is the security it guarantees.

Besides giving homes and offices an aesthetic appeal and saving people time and effort when entering and leaving their property, automated gates also make it easier for property owners to control who has access to the premises of their home or building.

It deters burglary and robbery.

Burglars and robbers attempt to steal from properties that they feel are easy to invade, so they often skip houses and buildings with added security like automated gates. Unlike manual gates, automated gates are equipped with either a coded keypad, a remote control device, voice command technology, or biometric sensors which allow only authorised people to operate them.

Some are also built with motion sensors that can detect suspicious activity happening inside and outside the house, alerting a property owner through loud alarms or smart home security apps.

It protects children and pets from danger.

Children and pets love exploring and roaming around places, and it’s scary to think that they could just slip out of your sight and end up on the streets just because the gate was easy to get past.

Moreover, some children tend to easily trust even people they barely know, and sadly, some people take advantage of this. If they are not attended to even for a short while, this may put them in dangerous situations like kidnapping and stalking. While it’s best to always have someone to keep an eye on children and teach them not to talk to strangers, having a protective barrier like an automated gate prevents children and pets from meeting accidents and dissuades other people from trespassing on your property and observing the people inside it.

It increases privacy.

In fact, it would be hard for strangers to watch anything going inside a gate-protected property at all. With automated gates, it would be impossible for neighbours to pry in your personal affairs and get a close look at your possessions and valuables. It also prevents other people from walking straight into your property.

What if the gate stops working?

Instances such as power outage and blockage of sensors may happen and stop an automated gate from functioning. In such cases, you can safely force it open by following a few procedures. For some models, you can locate and manually loosen up some parts to be able to manually move the gate, but more technologically advanced gates require none of these complicated steps with their manual override feature.

If nothing seems to work, you can call on a professional who can help you inspect and remedy the problem. 

Ensure security with automated gates.

Whether you prefer a swinging, sliding, or folding automated gate, Enforce Automatics is here to assist. We are a one-stop solution for the supply, installation and maintenance of automatic gates and doors for commercial developments and residential homes. 

Our automated gates are sourced from Italy, Malaysia, and Singapore’s top-quality security automation brands. They require low maintenance and are made with aluminium which is resistant to rotting, rusts, warps, and twists!

Enforce’s range of gate-related services include the following:

  •       Installation
  •       Maintenance and Troubleshooting
  •       Manual-to-automatic conversion of existing gate
  •       Consultation and customised builds to meet clients’ requirements

We also provide free gate assessments and removal/disposal of existing gates for all customers as well as complete turnkey solutions for landed properties! (Automatic Gates, Intercom Systems, Access Control, Intruder Alarms, and CCTV Surveillance)

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