We live in a world where technology is integrated in our daily lives. In transportation, retail, education, food production, and many other industries, automation plays a key role in increased efficiency. The convenience brought by automation has helped us participate in our day-to-day activities with greater ease.

One of the simplest yet innovative machines to upgrade your house or building is by having automated gates. It’s quite common to see them especially in malls and hotels, but for those who are interested in having one of their own, here is an easy guide for everything you need to know about automated gates:

What Is An Automated Gate?

An automated gate is a gate installed with electric motors that can be activated via remote control or phone app as the transmitter. With the transmitter, you can send a command to open or close the gate; it’s useful during a rainy day and you don’t want to get out of your car to open the gate, or when you’re inside your house and you want to let your guests inside quickly. It adds convenience and safety to residential and commercial buildings.

Contrary to popular belief, having an automated gate is more affordable now than it was before. If you have an existing gate, you can still have it become automated – you just need the right machines and proper installation to make it happen.

Who Should Install An Automatic Gate? 

It’s not surprising that when there’s a familiar handyman around, people opt to trust them to install the machine as a DIY project. As long as the procedures are properly followed, and the motors are functioning smoothly, there shouldn’t be a problem. The challenge that comes with it, however, is the maintenance and troubleshooting that often comes with professional installation.

Installations are best done by professionals. These people are more trained to handle the electric motors and wires to avoid possible difficulties due to faulty wiring. Proper installation of automatic gates, or manual-to-automatic gates, can save you the trouble of more frequent repairs that may occur due to DIY installation. Moreover, professional electricians in trusted brands like Enforce Automatics offer free removal/disposal of existing gates, as well as free assessments, and consultations for customized builds.

What Are The Different Types Of Automated Gates?

There are three popular types of automated gates: Swing Gate, Sliding Gate, and Trackless Folding Gate. Choosing which type depends on the requirement and the budget.

For a Swing Gate, it’s suited for areas that have the space for the gate to open by swinging inward or outward. It’s a popular gate that is commonly used in mansions and factories seen in movies.

A Sliding Gate is more suited for pathways with more space at the sides, being less prone to scratching the vehicle or hitting guests. This feature is also why this gate is popularly used in commercial buildings and offices with people constantly going in and out.

The Folding Gate is also gaining popularity among modern designed homes and buildings due to its space-saving features. Made up of multiple doors connected by hinges, it opens and closes while consuming less space in the pathway and at the sides.

What Are The Features Of Automated Gates?

  • Easy-To-Use

Automated gates are controlled by a remote, an app, or a sensor. This feature makes these gates easier to use than manual gates. In any weather, or while staying indoors, guests and/or vehicles can easily pass through.


  • Safer Security

These gates can also have an alarm for forced intrusion, and lessening the possibility of trespassers altogether. If they have a sensor installed, it can also detect any obstructions that could dent the gate or cause a jam in the pathway


  • Solar Panel Option

Since it’s electric, people will look at how much electricity it will consume. However, people can opt to install solar panels that could power the gates, for a less expensive and eco-friendly alternative.

Where Can You Purchase Automated Gates?

Different companies can offer different services. With Enforce Automatics, we offer additional gadgets for a more convenient experience, as well as responsive and reliable customer support.

Along with our quality automated gates, we also offer complete Turn-key Solutions such as intercom systems, access control, intruder alarms, and CCTV surveillance. For our customer after service, we 24/7 support , own in-house staff, professionally trained and fully equipped team.

Our extensive experience allows us to foresee potential problems for our clients, and recommend products to save time and effort. One of our top recommendations is aluminium gates for commercial and residential use. Aluminium gates are known to be light and low maintenance, meaning it will less likely  rot, rust, twist, or warp in harsh environments and weather conditions.

Enforce Automatics is the only company that does full range automatic systems – including doors, gates, windows, and barriers. Go to https://enforce.com.sg for affordable prices, quality products, and professional support as your One-Stop Automatic Solution.

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