There is an automatic revolution happening amongst homeowners. More and more people are opting for automatic gates when it comes to protecting their home. Today’s automatic gates don’t just come in a variety of stylish designs, they have become more affordable with a variety of security and quality-of-life features that make living with one a pleasant experience.

Here are five reasons why more people are switching to automatic gates over manual ones, and why you should too.

#1 Convenience

Possibly the biggest difference you’ll notice right away is how easy it is to open and close your automatic gate. Modern gates have a variety of ways you can use to interact with them, from keycards to pin numbers, fingerprint scanners, smartphones and remote controls. Not only are these methods faster than faffing about with keys, being able to open your gate remotely means you never have to be caught struggling to unlock your gate in a sudden downpour ever again.

#2 Durability

Many people who have not used an automatic gate have the misconception that an electric automatic gate means more points of failure. However, modern automatic gates are actually much more durable than their manual counterparts. Manual gates have tracks and hinges that can be prone to rust as well as wear and tear which affects how the gate moves over time. 

Modern automatic gates on the other hand, are made with high-quality materials and protection intended to keep the mechanism working optimally for years, even in harsh weather and under constant load.

#3 Greater Security

Old manual gates only prevent people from entering your property if they do not have the keys needed to unlock it. These days, modern automatic gates are equipped with security bells and whistles to not just protect your property, but help you monitor it. You can opt for a gate with inbuilt proximity sensors to warn you if someone is near your property, or even cameras to identify visitors without having to be at the gate itself. 

#4 Takes Up Less Space and is Easier to Maintain

The best of both worlds! Traditional gates require more space to install in order to accommodate the mechanisms that move the gate. Depending on the type of gate installed, they may also require items like an overhead rail which can limit height or a ground track which you’ll need to keep clear of rocks and leaves.

Automatic gates on the other hand typically have their moving mechanism stored in a box away from the gate. There are even bi-fold models out there that swing without the need for a track, thereby reducing the amount of maintenance you need to do.

#5 Improves the Value of Your Property

We love technology, especially when it makes our lives easier. Automatic gates are an easy way to add value to your home and make it more attractive to a prospective buyer, should you choose to sell your property down the line. The convenience and security features of an automatic gate make it an easy sell.

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